Frequently Asked Questions


  • When putting my solar cover on, do the bubbles go up or down?

    •  Bubble side goes down.


  • What does it mean when I test my pool and my stabilizer is low?

    • Stabilizer helps reduce chlorine residual loss from ultra-violet light. Low stabilizer levels can increase chlorine consumption. However, test strips aren't usually very accurate with the stabilizer readings. We recommend having your water professionally checked regularly to get an exact stabilizer reading, because a high stabilizer can have serious effects on the pool water and if it gets up too high, there is no effective way to lower the stabilizer level except by dilution (draining most of the pool water and refilling with fresh water to dilute the stabilizer level).


  • How long should I run my filter?

    • We recommend running your filter for at least 10-12 hours per day, however it may be necessary to run the filter longer depending on your pool's circulation system.

  • Are salt pools chlorine pools?

    • Yes. Pools equipped with a chlorine generator require the addition of salt. As the saltwater flows through the chlorine generator cell, it will break down into chlorine and other byproducts through the process of electrolysis. The chlorine that it produces is what will act as your sanitizer in the pool water. Just like any other chlorine pool, you should maintain a free chlorine residual of 1-3ppm to achieve adequate sanitation.


  • Isn't all salt the same? Why do I need to use pool salt?

    • Various types and brands of salt can contain impurities and additives that may lead to water problems. It is best to use purified pool salt or Bioguard's Mineral Springs program, both of which are sold at Jim's Pool Supply.


  • I've heard that chlorine generators don't require routine maintenance like regular chlorine pools, is this true?

    • No. Chlorine generators only produce chlorine- water must still be balanced and the chlorine produced is not stabilized, meaning it will burn off when exposed to UV rays from the sun. It is important to test water and add balancers and stabilizer as needed to maintain a clear, sparkling pool. It is also recommended to add a weekly oxidizer and preventative algaecide, along with a routine addition of stain and scale protection to protect your equipment.


  • Should I put my chlorine tablets in the skimmer?

    • No. Chlorine tablets in the skimmer will dissolve rapidly, sending a concentrated amount of chlorine through your filter that can cause damage and corrosion. Using a floater or an automatic chlorinator can prevent this and reduce chlorine consumption. Bioguard Silkguard Sticks, however, are formulated to be put in the skimmer- they have SmartGuard technology, which dissolves less when the pump is off, prolonging the life of your chlorine and protecting your equipment in the process.


  • How often should I backwash my sand filter?

    • We recommend backwashing as maintenance about once per week. However, water problems or the use of certain chemicals or cleaners may require more frequent backwashing.


  • How do I backwash my sand filter?       

    • Turn pump off, turn multiport valve to Backwash position, turn pump on and backwash for about 2-3 minutes. Turn pump off, turn multiport to Rinse position, turn pump on and rinse for about 1 minute. Turn pump off, put multiport back into Filter position and turn pump back on to begin filtering again.


  • Can I use play sand in my sand filter? Isn't it all the same?

    • No. You want to make sure to use only designated filter sand. Play sand is too fine and round to filter adequately and it will slip through the holes in your lateral assembly in the filter. Filter sand has sharper, angular particles that lock together inside the tank to improve filtration.

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