When we decided to sell pet products, we asked ourselves, "Can we give our customers the same top quality service and products for their pets that we give them for their pools?"  The answer came back unanimously YES!  We hope that you will find this to be true with everything we sell.


Pet Food
All Natural ~ No Byproducts ~ Healthy

Three things that are important to you when choosing the perfect food for your beloved dog or cat.  You strive to feed your family healthy and delicious meals.  Shouldn't you do the same for your pet?

Blue Buffalo

Made with only the finest natural ingredients for superior nutrition and delicious taste.  Real meat is always the first ingredient, NO chicken or poultry by-products. Contains whole grains, garden veggies, and fruit. NO corn, wheat, or soy and NO artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
Love them like family. Feed them like family!

With any of the dog foods we sell, the recommended feeding amount will most likely be about 25-30% LESS than the amount you are using now. Your pet will be healthier (which means less sick pet vet visits), they have less skin problems, their coat will be shinier, and there is less waste in your yard!!

Pet Accessories

We have treats, collars, leashes, supplements, clothes, toys, beds, and more!  We are constantly adding new items so if there is anything you don't see here and would like us to order let us know!